Montag, 12. Januar 2015

Let's talk about OCs

I have neglected them greatly for the past years but I want to spend more time with them. 

They don’t really have a story, but were rather born out of need to put the blame on someone. Because you know, I need ideas to work, but more important is the level of motivation - all the great ideas might be great but useless if you never lift a finger to draw them. I was always talking about this stuff with friends and these words were thrown around so often than they kind of became personified. And now here we are.

The concept draws loosely from  greek mythology (but I haven’t really thought this through...), and adds personified motivation. Usually every human has a muse-motivation team that affects their creativity, and they kind of co-exist in our world but don’t reveal themselves to their human. They age very very slowly compared to humans.

If you want to learn more about them there are descriptions and a few questions answered by them under the read more.

Saboten is my muse. She is lazy, selfish and really capricious, often striking with a great sense of wrong timing. Her name means “cactus” in japanese (I created her when I was still deep into manga and cacti are my favourite plants and when I came across that word it was love at first sight. It also has a nice ring to it.). She does not like the shape of her eyes (or eye colour, she didn’t tell me yet), so she grows her bangs to cover these parts. Coming with the perks of having a cactus personality she’s kinda mean, stingy and demanding on the outside, but a big softie on the inside and she takes delight in motives that bring out the fluff and tears. Together with Fiete she makes up my muse-motivation duo and my work is influenced by how well they get along. :’) And pshhht, she might have a secret crush on him but you don’t know this from me, ok?

My username/urls are named after her. I used other names before but with coming to different social media platforms I kind of established using this. Also, cacti love.

Fiete (a traditional name from the northern germany region) is the unmotivated motivation. He is a bit of an introvert and it’s hard to excite him for anything, but if you succeed he will put a lot of energy into it. Sometimes these are very short-lived phases until he loses interest again. 

He considers Peer to be his best friend, even though Peer’s on the same brashness level as Saboten. On some days he lives through very straining times but he enjoys the company of the two duracell bunnies. Fiete often is the voice of reason in the group. He likes listening to music and to watch clouds.
He might be aware of Sabo’s crush but because of his personality and the “Adonis incident” he’s afraid to act on it (for centuries by now). They are also childhood friends and grew up together because their parents are close.

Peer (Kind of pronounced like the -per in „super“. Also a traditional name from northern german region.) came last. He kind of completes the trio with the energy he brings in to clash with Saboten’s energetic attics and pushes the stoic Fiete forward. He is also a “motivation” and actually jobless (IDK, I always kind of imagined his former human died or he had a fallout with his partnering muse because of creative differences, so he’s waiting for a new assignment), so he hangs around their place a lot and hinders them with their work (AND MINE. Shame on you Peer.) He loves chocolate, likes punk rock, sports some tattoos and is constantly battling with Sabo for Fiete’s attention. Actually he has nothing to fear because the guys are best friends and he likes Sabo as well, but Peer always gets caught up in the energy (also he enjoys the fights). 

And the promised Q+A:

Do you have any noteworthy features? Freckles? Dimples? A scar somewhere unusual? etc?

Saboten: I grow my bangs out because that’s cool.
Peer: I have piercings in lip and ear, and tattoos. Right arm is one big sleeve, I got it when I was drunk and I distinctly remember it being a metaphor for life but I honestly to god can’t tell you what it was even though I suspect it was something genius. Also -
Saboten: You mean stupid.
Peer: ALSO I have this cut/stitches thing here on my left wrist for my love for zombies and I have this one on my neck. Do you want to know how far down it goes on my back?
Saboten: Please don’t take off your shirt, no one wants to see that.
Peer: You have seen me topless already!
Saboten: Don’t say it like it was something that I wanted or enjoyed.
Peer: What the hell. You are the one who always pesters us to go to the beach.
Saboten: Yeah, so I can show off my gorgeous body, not to look at you.
Fiete: ...I guess I’m the plain one.

Do you trust people right off the bat or does it take you some time to warm up to someone?

Fiete: Sabo looks outgoing but she hardly trusts people. Peer on the other hand is all yours if you offer him some chocolate.
Peer: Don’t tell me you regret this decision.
Saboten: I bet he does.
Peer: Noooo...!
Saboten: Fiete is really quiet but people flock towards him as if he was a shepherd or something. He knows lots of people but I think he’s bad at keeping up.
Peer: Oh yeah, he’s easy to talk to, you wouldn’t guess. His calmness is probably very appealing to people. He looks so balanced. Solid as a rock.
Fiete: I wonder why it seems that I never keep up with other people when I have you two...

Describe 5 unusual characteristics your muse has.

Saboten: Let’s see. Perfect, flawless, gorgeous, deserves all the awards, could win Miss Universe...
Peer: ...annoying as hell...
Saboten: No one asked you?!
Peer: Actually yes, I was asked because we’re doing this thing here??
Fiete: Could you both behave, please?
Peer + Saboten: S-sorry.

Are you  a quick thinker or do you need time to sort through your thoughts?

Fiete: Sabo and Peer both tend to talk before they think.
Peer: That’s... yeah ok that’s true. You got me here.
Saboten: But you often think so long about stuff that you miss chances.

Are you a leader, do you prefer to follow, or would you rather just stay on the sidelines altogether?

Peer + Saboten: I am the leader!
Peer + Saboten: What.
Peer + Saboten: I am.
Fiete: I would love to stay on the sidelines, but since these two often clash I end up making the decisions. Oi, stop hitting each other.
Saboten: He started!
Peer: Did not.

If you were allowed to murder one person without any consequences, who would that person be and why?

Saboten: It’s not a hard guess.
Peer: Why are you looking at me.
Saboten: No reason. Fiete would love to get revenge on Adonis, though.
Fiete: Actually no, I wouldn’t. It’s in the past. ...What. I mean it.
Peer + Saboten: Suuuure.
Fiete: ...
Peer: Aaaaanyway, I wouldn’t want to murder anyone. Next.

If you were forced to eat one thing for the rest of their life, what would you choose and why?

Saboten: I think I’ll go with Pizza, as long as I can switch toppings to my liking. And even if I couldn’t.
Fiete: Eh, I guess anything is fine.
Peer: Don’t say that, this is a serious matter. What if you get stuck with... brussels sprout??
Fiete: That would be my problem.

Do you prefer romance or affection? What is the quickest way to your heart?

Peer: Look who’s blushing.
Saboten: I will end you.
Peer: Bu-nmnpfffh
Fiete: Let go of him.
Saboten: I’m not sorry though. Back to the question, I don’t want to discuss it here.
Peer: Pfft. My perfect dream girl has at least cup size C - D and up would be even better - and she loves puppies and chocolate and ---
Saboten: That doesn’t answer the question either, stupid.
Peer: Can’t you read, of course it does. ‘What’s the quickest way to’ --- Sorry.
Fiete: I prefer romance and love based on trust and understanding. If there is a mutual base, these things will come in eventually.
Peer: Fiete is good at showing you his affection in little gestures. He’s really romantic deep dow-
Fiete: ...
Peer: Eeep, sorrysorry...!
Saboten: Why are you the one giving these information. Is there something I should know.
Fiete: Next question, please.

What do you watch on tv and do you fight for the remote?

Saboten: We usually end up zapping a lot and then it goes to “hey go back that looked interesting” and “nah” and “you really wanna watch this?” after five seconds by whoever holds the power.
Fiete: You mean yourself.
Saboten: Fiete loves animal and nature documentary, I prefer series. We do share some series we watch regularly.
Peer: I like both.
Saboten: You don’t live here, you don’t count.
Fiete: Sometimes we battle it out through video games, or end up using the internet. --- Do not make that joke.
Peer: I wasn’t even going to say anything??

Fiete: Let’s end this here. I’m sorry for these two and thank you for your patience with us.