Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

Day 7: Cosplay

Another picture for the 30 day otp challenge.
You know, I chose the Princess Mononoke theme because of certain parallels. Especially San and Arya are similar to such a high level! When I was searching references for the clothes, I got all the feelings and the fanart just got emotional. It's rather PM!AU than just plain cosplay.

And another project I started: An Ask blog for Arya and Gendry. Feel free to visit, I won't upload the pictures on this blog. (But please restrain yourself from sending in asks, I'm drowning right now in them. *_*""")
The ask blog is fun, the questions are from a wide variety. But I fear that all the people will leave when they get to now my kind of humour... 'orz

Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Even more modern!AU ASOIAF/GOT stuff

Finally I drew Grenn and Pyp. Grenn is my most beloved secondary character, I don't even know why I love this guy so much but he's so adorable. I have a thing for characters like him.
I want to see more of their friendship and with Jon and Sam. My boys from the wall. ;_;

 Pyp: So you really are an idiot...
Grenn: Hah?!

I started a 30 day otp challenge  with Gendry x Arya over at tumblr. I'm doing this out of order and it definitely will take me longer than 30 days because I have no discipline (and exams)... Also, I'll keep it in this messy style. I'm just lazy but it looks like fun. Some of the prompts I even already did before (look at my other fanarts), so I'm not sure if I'll do them again.

This is day 3: gaming/ watching a movie
 And as an extra (I believe Arya is bad at losing):