Donnerstag, 27. November 2014


I love Tidus x Yuna and wanted to draw something cute and happy.

Samstag, 22. November 2014

Luzzu x Gatta

UGH their story is just so heartbreaking. Thanks game for another pair of minor characters with no happy end. Somehow I ended up shipping them now because I have so many feelings for them. ;_;♥
The fanart was very straining to draw because I wanted to have nice lineart and it took forever because they have 35346577624 details in their clothing and I have no idea how to work time efficiently. Now kiss.

Samstag, 15. November 2014

Day at the beach

I'm in summer pics mode now, so I naturally I would draw holidays at Costa del Sol. Cloud technically owns a house there, so it would be nice if he would spend some nice days there with the kids and Tifa. ♥

Sonntag, 9. November 2014


Lately, I feel a large shift in my art style. I don't know if this is the direction I want to end up but for now it's a lot of fun to play around. The exercise and the things I will learn from it will be valuable though.
I've mentionend it before, I love Sandor x Sansa as a ship, but I rarely get around to do something for them. So I'm happy that I finished this.

And I played around some more. Many fancasts and fanarts for Arianne don't make me happy because they hardly follow the book descriptions, so I tried a thing myself. Plus a quick modern Sansa.