Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

Time for a bath

Shaggydog does not support the idea.

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

You're late

It starts with a prickle right behind your eyes.

Oh, and I had references for sharks.

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

Snow Black

Jon Snow for Disney Princess 2016.

Some things make more sense when still in my head.

Montag, 3. Dezember 2012


“You’ll catch a cold.”
“Keep me warm then, if you fear my father’s anger.”

I love Rickon x Shireen ok.
Yesterday it snowed here for the first time, so I was inspired to draw fanart. Winter pictures are the best.

Montag, 26. November 2012


As a kid, I was always somewhat dissapointed about my zodiac sign. I wanted to have a cool leo or scorpio, because you know, they are cool.
But then I've read an article about the derivations and my feelings changed. In mythology, the capricorn is said to be a pan escaping from another god and tried to turn into a fish and jump into the sea. But he didn't finish it and is half-pan, half-fish now. [x]

I'm totally fine being a capricorn and even if I don't believe in astrology I do have common capricorn traits.

Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Rickon x Shireen

Suddenly I got really invested into Rickon x Shireen from Game of Thrones. The funny thing is, they haven't ever met in canon. But my brain can't stop. ;_;
So I did two fanarts already. There will be more.

They called him Pup and she believed it was meant the way she used to be called Fawn years ago. It didn’t take long for Shireen to find another reason; with each passing day the boy grew into a man he reminded her more of a whelp trying to fill out the huge paws of his.

They whispered that she tamed the wolf but they all were wrong, oh so wrong - he made her wild instead.

Montag, 12. November 2012


I started it on 11.11. but finished only today. I tend to forget birthdays.
I am so happy about the newest chapters in One Piece. 687 even was a whole chapter just with Zoro and Tashigi. But I am happy to see Tashigi and Smoker again in general, it was such a long wait. ;_;

Do you know the feeling you have with that one ship that you love even after all these years? You move on to new fandoms and new ships, but you can always come back to this one OTP.
To me, it feels like coming home.

Freitag, 9. November 2012

Red riding hood

For the past weeks I was more than obsessed with a Red Riding Hood!AU with Arya and Gendry. I still am, but right now my drawing abilities are on holidays, I fear.
However, here's the small collection of fanart I already did. I want to draw so much more of this!
Also a lot of people took on to this AU and some contributed fanfiction. I'm happy! ;_;

The last one is a re-design of Gendry's clothes.

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

Let's go on a date!

I enjoy drawing them occasionally.
Lunch would restore to the threatening method.

Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012


 Some stuff I did because I don't feel like doing anything "big". What means to spend hours on lineart.

"Sleep well, child."

I love this one brush and doodling is fun.

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012


Two more entries for the 30 day OTP challenge with Gendry and Arya. Day 5. Kissing and 12. Making out.

I drew the latter one first and labelled it as kissing because I was blind and didn't see the entry for day 12. Well.
Every time I think I'm already tired of drawing them they pop up and give me ideas.

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Tully hair

Sansa Stark.
I took my other watercolours from my parent's place and now I'm having fun while trying to get used to them.
I just wanted to draw some Tully hair.

Montag, 1. Oktober 2012


Nashua: What did we say about souvenirs?
Briciu: Butbutbut...!

An ACEO for Kiwikyun. I know you wanted Nashua but it ended up Briciu-centric.
Die Karte hat während des Prozesses einige Unfälle durchleben müssen, die nicht alle kaschiert werden konnten. Wenn sie dir nicht gefällt, bekommst du eine Neue.

Sonntag, 30. September 2012

Asha & Qarl (NSFW)

For the past days my interest in those two just exploded. Asha always was one of my favorites but never enough to fangirl/draw her.
That changed.

First time sketch to get a hang of her.
 Famous peach scene.

NFSW. I'm still not really comfortable with drawing such things, but they called for it... xD

Samstag, 8. September 2012

the safest place to sleep

Another one for the 30 day otp meme: day 10, with animal ears.
This might get uncomfortable after some time, but now they are fine. I think. xD

Because this version also looks good and I'm bad with decisions:

Sonntag, 2. September 2012


Fiete was used for some experiments, I wanted to play with his hair and draw sweets. Actually Peer is the one to give his soul for a piece of chocolate, but Fiete also has a sweet tooth.
His hands turned out too big.
I missed drawing my OCs so much. And I think I stay with his usual design. 

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012


“I’m taking men and boys from the city,” Yoren growled as the sharp steel scraped at her head. “Now hold still, boy.”’
By the time he had finished, her scalp was nothing but tufts and stubble.

- A Clash of Kings, Arya, p.27

I was surprised HBO didn't do this. But Maise Williams looked lovely anyways.

Freitag, 3. August 2012

Red Riding Hood

I just wanted to say "thank you" to all my followers on tumblr, but here as well. Thank you for sticking with me.

I think this mirrors their friend-/relationship well. Arya is not only the wolf because of her birth as a Stark, she's as well the wild, dangerous one. Gendry on the other hand is both the huntsman and hooded. He's chasing Arya but is as well chased by her.
I can't put this well into words, let's say it all made sense in my head. xD

All I draw is Gendry and Arya. Yes, they took over my life.

Donnerstag, 2. August 2012


I did 30 min challenges with a friend and I cheated a lot on this one, it's pretty simple.
But I like the effects.

Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

Day 7: Cosplay

Another picture for the 30 day otp challenge.
You know, I chose the Princess Mononoke theme because of certain parallels. Especially San and Arya are similar to such a high level! When I was searching references for the clothes, I got all the feelings and the fanart just got emotional. It's rather PM!AU than just plain cosplay.

And another project I started: An Ask blog for Arya and Gendry. Feel free to visit, I won't upload the pictures on this blog. (But please restrain yourself from sending in asks, I'm drowning right now in them. *_*""")
The ask blog is fun, the questions are from a wide variety. But I fear that all the people will leave when they get to now my kind of humour... 'orz

Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Even more modern!AU ASOIAF/GOT stuff

Finally I drew Grenn and Pyp. Grenn is my most beloved secondary character, I don't even know why I love this guy so much but he's so adorable. I have a thing for characters like him.
I want to see more of their friendship and with Jon and Sam. My boys from the wall. ;_;

 Pyp: So you really are an idiot...
Grenn: Hah?!

I started a 30 day otp challenge  with Gendry x Arya over at tumblr. I'm doing this out of order and it definitely will take me longer than 30 days because I have no discipline (and exams)... Also, I'll keep it in this messy style. I'm just lazy but it looks like fun. Some of the prompts I even already did before (look at my other fanarts), so I'm not sure if I'll do them again.

This is day 3: gaming/ watching a movie
 And as an extra (I believe Arya is bad at losing):

Freitag, 29. Juni 2012


This one was requested, I only turned the fluff to max:

omfg someone draw gendry with his arm around arya’s shoulders and kinda like…pulling her in? and her sort falling into him laughing with her hand landing on his chest

And now I see that the hands in the front are too small and the other are too big and I'm a failure, lol. But I don't care.

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

The walking dead

I love this series so much! And I'm an avid shipper of Daryl x Carol. I noticed I did not post my fanart of them in this blog.
All of these were drawn february - april 2012.

"You're every bit as good as them"

Your wounds 
(lyrics from "side walk when she walks" by Alexisonfire)


It's all your fault

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Modern!Au: Walk the wolf

Nymeria, Arya and Gendry in a modern setting. You know, the wolves know the feelings of the Stark children, right? So Nymeria decided to play the match maker. Maybe she knows better than her owner.

Took me some days to finish. Many, many references for wolves used.
And I'm not capable of decent backgrounds.

Montag, 11. Juni 2012

into the deep

This is a 30+ min doodle with my favorite brush, which comes regularly with PS 7, oil pastel large #1.
Please don't mind anatomy.

Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012


He’s never played the lute, much less any other instrument except hammer and anvil, but he knew how to do the tricky parts.

If you know what I mean. *eyebow wiggle*

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012


Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie.
I love their journey so much. Since the nights are cold, I believe they cuddle together. And Gendry is the biggest, therefore he emitts the most warmth.
I want my own Gendry.

Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

Your hands are dirty

Okay, I decided to write in English.

Aaaand some more GoT-Fanart. Aged up Arya and Gendry and an apple. I've learned that this gaze can mean either sexual desire or murder intent when they hold it longer than six seconds. What would fit these two better?
But I gave up halfway on this picture, i just got frustrated with Gendry's body so this is all that's left of it. :'D

Sonntag, 29. April 2012

The she-wolf and the bull

Drei Mal dürft ihr raten, was mich immer noch flasht. xD
Ich bin etwas unglücklich mit Gendry, sein Kopf ist zu groß. ;o;
Aber die Pose macht Sinn, ha. xD  Zuerst wollte ich es rein digital machen, nur daraus wurde nichts und kurzerhand hab ich mich für Wassermalfarbe entschlossen. Seht selbst. û_u 

Recently, a lot of people from foreign countries visit this blog (Hello :D). I am thinking about switching to write in English, would you like that? (Hit the reaction button or leave a comment, I'd love to know what you think. :> )

Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

And I've been pissing right in front of you

Das Bild ist eigentlich spoilerisch, weil das ein wichtiger Teil der Handlung ist. Ja, ich weiß, dass klingt komisch. *_*"Also lasse ich es einfach so stehen.
Okay? Okay.

Freitag, 13. April 2012

Tumblr prompts

Nachdem ich ein viertel Hundert Follower bei Tumblr angesammelt habe, wollte ich denen mal was gutes tun und zur Feier darf sich jeder was wünschen. Bisher sind es nicht so viele. xD
Alle Oekakis werden hier gesammelt hochgeladen.

Das erste ist ein Wunsch von pearsfears. One Piece, Luffy x Vivi:


Als nächstes für Lanimalu. Final Fantasy 7, Tseng mit Zopf:

Montag, 2. April 2012

Stupid bull

Ich habe den übelsten Game of Thrones/A song of ice and fire Flash. Und eigentlich sagte ich mir, dass ich dazu nichts zeichnen werde. Aber wie das nun mal so ist... xD
Arya war sofort mein Liebling, ich habe einfach eine Schwäche für Tomboys. Ihr Name klingt sogar fast wie meiner. *-* Gendry kam erst ein bisschen später dazu, aber ich hab ihn und die Interaktion mit Arya sofort ins Herz geschlossen. Irgendwie mausert er sich immer mehr zu meinem männlichen Lieblingscharakter, noch vor Jon Snow und Ser Jorah Mormont.
Mäh, ich will die zweite Staffel schauen können. o:

Ich shippe sie auch. Aber erst, wenn beide etwas älter sind. :'D

Ich schmeiß das nächste Bild mal mit in diesen Post. Es ist etwas spoilerisch, aber da waren diese Lyrics und sie waren so perfekt für die Szene. "In the cold" von Acceptance.
Irgendwann krieg ich Gendry so hin, dass er nach seinem Schauspieler aussieht. 

Sonntag, 1. April 2012


Als Andenken an den schwindenden Winter.
Ich liebe es, Tseng zu verarschen. Er ist so eine tolle Zielscheibe. xDD