Montag, 26. August 2013

Dog wash

*insert car wash music*
I think Max found a dead bird in the Shatterdome and couldn't help rolling around in it, but there had to be consequences. I hope he learns from it.

Montag, 19. August 2013

Young Chuck giving his very first autograph

Okay, to be honest, I think it would be quite easy to confuse them. It happened to me in the beginning the first time I watched the movie. *_*"
Such happenings would make Chuck hate on Raleigh even more since his idols' downfall and stuff.

Samstag, 17. August 2013


One time Chuck tried to apologize out loud, but the thing about drifting together is knowing the thoughts of your partner.

So yepp, they are kinda destroying me with feels.

Montag, 12. August 2013


There was a post on tumblr  about Chuck and I thought hey, why not.

chuck hansen sitting in a shitty blow up kid’s pool in the middle of the shatterdome cafeteria wearing nothing but shutter shades and swimming trunks with his dog passed out on his stomach

[muffled Wei triplets screaming in the distance]

I'm still not really happy, but I'm happy to draw again at all.

Sonntag, 11. August 2013


Ugh, stupid boys and their stupid love for their pets. Chuck Hansen may be an ass to everyone else, but he does dote on his dog.

Saw Pacific Rim and then there had to be fanart.
Recently, I don't feel like drawing at all, so I'm happy to have drawn something. Though it has tonnes of mistakes and I guess you wouldn't recognise Chuck if not for the dog and text. :'D