Freitag, 31. Juli 2015


The most recent opening to Gintama makes me sad because while every one is having fun at the festival Sacchan is watching the fireworks all alone. Who is responsible for this
So after watching it for weeks now I couldn't bear the sight any longer.

Probably Zenzou is late because he just finished his part-time job. û_u

Freitag, 3. Juli 2015


A thing I should do more often is to draw SanSan, but somehow I always feel like I never get them right. The hand symbolism thing with Sandor is based on a dream I had during a fever.

Some love for House Tully with a young Cat, and Lysa and Sweetrobin (I did that one as a birthday present for a friend). Seeing them all in one post, I kinda feel like I have a preferred colour palette. Hmmm. 

More Bioware

The last post here is a bit old. Oops. In the meantime I finished DA2, and the Mass Effect triology. ME was sooo good, I'm really happy that I have played it.

Next to Merrill I fell in love with Aveline, but somehow I'm not able to draw her properly. So there was some frustration about that. I am sorry, Aveline. ;_; The friendship between her and Isabela was also one of my favourite things in the game.

I did the fish tank picture somewhat during ME2, when the effects of everything started to show on Shepard and I just wanted him to have a calm moment. Fish tanks seem to be perfect for that.