Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

Height difference

 "It's last minute!"
Maybe they should have made better preparations.

Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Glove kaiju

They are totally a thing. 
IDK, I thought about my own lab experiences and glove people were a thing among students. At least there always was one to make them when they were bored during practical courses.

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013


So according to the Pacific Rim Director's notebook Raleigh is most happy when he's alone, listening to music or sitting on a bench by himself. Just. I want to drown in feelings.

Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Hermann & Newton

And with these I end this series. I've run out of ideas for poses and backgrounds. But it was fun.
I saw a sweater with star patches on the ellbows and thought this is something Newt could wear.