Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Red Riding Hood: You recognise me

NSFW, warning for half-naked lady.

In the past days there was so much Red Riding Hood!AU stuff all over my dash and the fangirling with lovely ladies was inspiring, so I had to free my tablet from dust and draw something.
Also a friend recommended to try a a calligraphic brush for lineart, though I think you won't see a difference. But drawing was really cool and smooth. I'm going to explore this some more.

What I love about this AU are the ways to explore the bond these two have. Even in canon Arya is the impulsive, free one, and as the wolf her personality would kind of verge on the extremes (she would resemble Rickon while still having this calm, feral aura about her). On the other hand, Gendry is the center, the catious tower of strength and caretaker. (These traits are not exclusive to them, but the most dominant. Arya takes care of her pack; Gendry can be a big ball of rage.)
In this form, it's even more about trust and respect.

PS: It might seem that I put everyone into the RHH!AU, but I really want to keep it for these two ecxlusively. The time I did it for Rickon and Shireen is a one time thing only.