Montag, 15. September 2014

requests II

I did another round of requests over at tumblr and contrary to my plans of keeping things simple and easy, I've started to spend more time on them. But I'm really content with the results and got to draw interesting characters.

canon compliant:

Dunk and Tanselle, Tywin x Joanna Lannister 

Stannis and Shireen, Old Nan telling stories

Quentyn Martell, Jon and Shireen 


earth/metal bender Gendry, Gendry x Arya

Robb x Myrcella, Theon x Jeyne

Benjen x Bronn, Jaime x Brienne

Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

sketchy stuff

You know, I really love everything maritime and especially the old salt look with their beards and heavy-knit pullovers and yeah, I kinda had to draw Grenn that way (also bun because he's described to have long hair at some point soooo yes. Buns. I'm that cheap.). And boyfriends with a height difference because that's important.

Kitten king Tommen is inspired by this. There was also a post about the lack of Stark ladies hawking, so I took matters in my hands and did a fanart as well.

Montag, 28. Juli 2014

birthday gifts and happy children

I made this one as a (late) birthday gift for my friend Laura over at tumblr who is one of the biggest shippers of Rickon x Shireen I know. She introduced me to this ship back then and she writes the best heart-breaking fic, soo I figured it has to be it as a ship. Rickon's hair is based on my Skagos!AU.

But you know, happy children in happy AUs are even better. Myrcella and Shireen talking about their crushes on Ned Stark's son, which are super canon and give me life because that's the cutest thing ever. I wish we got to see Myrcella and Shireen interact in the novels because it's safe to assume that they grew up together, right?
This is a collab with Celia who started the thing and wrote the dialogue.

"Robb’s so kind—and tall.  The tall’s important."
"Your real life prince charming.  And Jon looks like he could be riding a motorcycle."
"Your dad would kill you if you rode a motorcycle.”
"A girl can dream."

Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

flower cart

I'm replaying Crisis Core at the moment and the scenes between Zack and Aerith are sooo adorable. Precious puppies. I couldn't resist the urge to draw them. ♥

I also did one of the fake instagram things for the Turks, from their daily life at the office. Seems like Reno was bored.

Freitag, 18. Juli 2014

Grenn x Pyp IV

"Look who's beaten after that stroll."

I really wanted to crack the bear joke and it kinda turned into this little thing. Grenn probably was really done with Pyp after the day, so he had to do some revenge. 
I love these dumb idiots so much. /D

Aaaand a modern!AU Pyp I did just for the sake of the shoes. Drawing shoes is my passion.